The New BeeBole Update Allows Users to Embed Google Calendar in the Timesheet Dashboard

HR Tech Outlook Europe | Friday, July 26, 2019

Yves Hiernaux, Co-Founder & CEO

The latest update brings further customization capabilities to the BeeBole Modules, expanding the embedding opportunities for users.

FREMONT, CA: A modular timesheet management system offering simplicity and flexibility is imperative for the smooth functioning of business processes. BeeBole has strived toward this goal, delivering productive time tracking tools for organizations to meet their needs. The company has integrated a custom module that can be dragged and dropped into any of the screens.

The company offers Timesheet dashboard, which tracks employee time attendance sheets, team rosters, payroll data, and much more. The BeeBole Timesheet dashboard comprises fully-configurable modules that can be added to a company, project, or employee screen. The modules are designed for different functions, including reports, budgeting, and timesheet settings. The recent update enables users to create personalized KPI dashboards by adding and customizing multiple charts to a page.

Yves Hiernaux, Co-Founder and CEO of BeeBole, said, “We address the needs of small, medium, and large companies by designing our tools with flexible modules, which allow organizations to selectively configure and customize employee time tracking data to their needs.”

The new update has taken the customization features to the next level, bolstering the modules with HTML to display text, images, videos, documents, and web pages to meet the individual needs of the users. The new module can be used to display Google Calendar in the time tracking dashboard, which will aid administrators as well as employees.

The BeeBole module on an employee page can be customized to feature updates from HR, training and seminar schedules, and display vacation days. Also, a company page can be programmed to show starter guides, time tracking policies, and weekly newsletters. It can also be leveraged to embed external documents, pages, important notices, company announcements. Users can also use the modules to display relevant CRM or PM tools on client or project pages.

The custom modules are designed to aid employees in communicating and collaborating with other teams or clients through the incorporation of resource planning, expense reports, feedback, requests, or any other documents. It also enables project managers and clients to update documents directly. The latest update allows users to embed Google Calendar beside the BeeBole timesheet, allowing them to cross-reference scheduled tasks, meetings, absences, and so on. The customizable modules offer endless possibilities, especially for users familiar with HTML.

In regard to its contribution to the HR sector, HR Tech Outlook Magazine recently named BeeBole as one of the “Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers in Europe -2019.”

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