In what ways Technology Impacting the HR Space?

HR Tech Outlook Europe | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

HR spaceFREMONT, CA: The human resource (HR) department has a vital role to play in the overall progress of an organization. The drastic change in technology has influenced the way HR operations are being leveraged to find, develop, engage, and employ talent.

In the present scenario, candidates are more inclined to the companies that utilize different technologies to enhance their workforce. More and more job aspirants today look for independent work, higher employee engagement, the gig economy, and the technology-driven employee experience. Technology is not just a solution, but a strategic partner to HR.

With the expansion of the global market, HR technology is in demand. The innovative HR technologies help companies to get an excellent professional team that completes the task in no time, thereby contributing to profit generation. The advent of self-service tools simplifies time tracking, reporting, training, performance appraisals, and other HR functions.

The technology evolution has led to the digital transformation that assists in the overall growth of the companies. Digital tools and technology has transformed the mode of communication across the companies. Social media is one of the essential means that HR today employs for communicating with the desired and eligible candidates. The companies leverage this platform by sharing their success stories through videos, blogs, and pictures, posting all on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This allows the candidates to know more about the company, and apply for the job according to their interests. Likewise, the creative apps in mobile are utilized by the HR professionals that assist in performing the HR functions as well as employees’ work seamlessly.

To understand more about the employee and their work, the HR professionals are also utilizing big data. Leveraging big data aids in employee engagement, strategic workforce planning, compliance, recruitment, and various other HR functions. Automation is another transformation that is witnessed by the HR department to improve their proficiency in recruiting candidates, training, evaluation, administration, employee relations, and so on.

Future innovations in HR technology will likely incorporate more data than ever from social media, as operations in the HR department become immensely transparent. Going forward, HR professionals will need to keep pace with the latest tools.

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